A Bevy of Beautiful Beads!

This is a collection of Sarah Moran lampworked beads that I have in my stash.  Are they not absolutely wonderful!  I love their shapes and delightful colors.  Looking at them, one just can’t help but feel happy!  I keep them displayed in a basket on the table in my studio where I can enjoy them and contemplate future pieces that would be  just right with a Sarah Moran bead.  In the photo below you’ll see my “Swing’n 70’s” bangle which features two of Sarah’s beads and several tiny seed beaded beads that I stitched in in complimentary colors.  My “Pinwheel” pendant is also shown.  How fun they are… I just love to wear them!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on February 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “A Bevy of Beautiful Beads!”

  1. Beautiful!! Love the color on a dreary winter day!


  2. Thanks Pat! Yes, the colors are so uplifting!


  3. Wow barbara! I can’t wait to see what beautiful treasures you make with these. I will be sure to check back to see the latest!


  4. I have my thinking cap on right now and some ideas on the back burner. My problem is that I have too many ideas and never enough time!


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