How Do I Fix This?

Quite a while ago, I decided to make a brooch using a twig  I had cast.  I wanted to add a beautiful tongue shaped stone that I had purchased years before and saved for just the perfect project.  I finished the bezel and while fitting the stone into the bezel…Oh no!  I had dropped the stone!    It had fallen on the tile floor and broken into two jagged pieces.  I’m afraid I then uttered some rather unladylike words.  Now what?  Well, time to put my thinking cap on…how do I salvage this project?  After spending time doing a re-design, I ground and filed the rough edges of both pieces of stone to a smooth finish, and found that, not only could I save the brooch project, but I could  also create a another!  Fortunately, I had a large stash of cast twigs that I had made in a casting class as well as  pearls and assorted gemstones.   These pieces  are made of  sterling silver which I textured in a rolling mill.  14k gold wire adds a constrasting warmth to the oxidized silver.  The brooch in the top photo has  a tube set garnet and a pearl.  The brooch in the bottom photo is accented with a tube set ametheyst and watermelon tourmaline.  I couldn’t decide which brooch I liked best…I was so pleased with both pieces that I simply couldn’t part with either of them.  I still have them and wear them often although they are quite differnt from the jewelry I am making these days.  Of course, one never knows when the spirit will move me to dig into my box of cast twigs and make another brooch…or whatever?

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on February 18, 2010.

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