Spiral Beading

I’m working on a beaded spiral cuff at the moment. Writing directions and taking step by step process photos as I go along makes for a lengthy project, but then I’ll have this design available as a kit in several weeks – check the Jewelry Kits page on my website for availability.  Working in tubular spiral peyote stitch has a very hypnotic effect on me.  It’s such a relaxing process.  I would have thought my nerves would be on edge, but it’s just the opposite.  In fact, I have to be very careful not to become too mesmerized while working in spiral because when I let that happen, I find mistakes occur and just one bead stitched out of sync will throw the pattern off.   So I’m very careful and remind myself to check every row.  I’m enjoying working with these jewel toned colors.  The vibrant blue and purple blends so well with the deep metallic greens and plums.  A bit of black and gold is thrown in too.  The finished cuff will also have some beaded beads and possibly a large polymer clay bead.  I never quite know how a finished project will look…I always have a general idea, but I enjoy watching a project evolve, making things up as I go along!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 4, 2010.

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