Polymer Bangles

Three years ago I was privleged to attend a workshop at Celie Fago’s studio in Vermont.  I was rather new to polymer clay and eager to learn as much as I could.  In that three-day workshop, we learned how to create carved and faux marble polymer bangles which we embellished with metal clay charms.  I found that Celie is a fantastic teacher and so enjoyed her class!  Upon returning to my studio, I couldn’t wait to make more bangles!  I pulled out every book I had on the subject of polymer clay and started to play, adding extra embellishment in the form of a graceful little clinging lizard to the bangle at the bottom and a coiled serpent to the bangle above it.  I practiced making faux ivory, adding texture by using almost anything that would leave an imprint!  As for embellishment charms, I added wire wrapped pearls,sterling hoops,  fine silver metal clay dangles,  set stones, and small coils of polymer clay.  These make the merriest little jingling sounds when I move my wrists.  The bangles are incredibly durable and, although the high shine does dull a bit after time, the gloss can be restored by a few passes on my buffing wheel or a layer of acrylic floor finish.  Making these bangles can be addictive and, every now and then, I just need another polymer bangle fix.  I set a few days aside, get my tools and clay out, and play with the colorful stuff.  What a high!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 21, 2010.

4 Responses to “Polymer Bangles”

  1. I am so amazed every day when I sse your work. Also very inspired to try something new. My problem is I want to do everything. Beautiful..creative..jewelry


  2. Thank you Carol! I have the same problem…I want to do everything too! I’ve put off learning how to make lampworked beads, but I’ll bet that one day I’ll succumb and dive into that learning curve as well!


  3. Love the bangles, sans reptiles. Yes, they are beautiful…I just couldn’t have them wrapped around my wrist…you can thank my sister for that one!


  4. Pat, just remember it’s mind over matter. When it looked like I might be moving to the southwest, I started preparing myself by thinking of tarantulas as teddy bear spiders which made it a lot less frightening. Shame on your sister for teasing you with snakes! They are wonderfully beneficial creatures…especially those cute, little, harmless garter snakes! And the snakes on my bangles don’t bite!


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