I’ve just returned from seven days of rest and relaxation in northern California where I met this fine feathered friend…I think his name is Heathcliff.  Of course, I took several beading projects along, but didn’t get much accomplished.  I’m afraid wine with lunch every day leads to non productivity.  It was lovely being near the ocean, falling asleep to the sound of barking seals, waking to see hundreds of birds foraging for breakfast along the shoreline at low tide, and breathing the fresh, salty air.  I’m back now and am ready to get to work.  I have orders to fill, bead kits to assemble and ship, several boxes of beads and materials that were delivered while I was away need to be unpacked, and projects in various stages of completion are begging to be worked on.  As much as I enjoyed my vacation, I really prefer being in my studio surrounded by all my jewelry making goodies, creating lovely things, and being with my cats.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 24, 2010.

One Response to “Sojourn”

  1. Me too! Who needs a vacation when you’ve got BEADS!?


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