Five Simple Steps

I don’t like commercially made ear wires.   They lack the weight and richness of a handmade ear wire.  So I always make my own and it isn’t hard to do.  The only tools you need are flat and round nose pliers and a pencil.  There are five steps to making simple, elegant ear wires.  You can use a two inch long 22 gauge balled end head pin or you can make a ball at one end of a piece of sterling silver or argentium silver by using a small hand-held torch…grasp the wire with tweezers and point the torch flame toward the bottom of the wire until a ball has formed.  Step 2:  bend the balled end inward with your round nose pliers.  Step 3:  bend the ball out with your flat nose pliers.  Step 4:  Wrap the wire around a pencil.  Step 5:  with your flat nose pliers, bend the wire end out at an angle.  Voila!  Now wasn’t that easy!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 2, 2010.

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