Mixed Metals

I  find jewelry   that  is made from  a variety of materials and/or  metals interesting.  I like the contrast of  gold, copper, and brass  against the icy cool of silver.  Each piece of 24 gauge metal was textured by placing against textured brass plates and then  running through a rolling mill.  Each metal piece was then soldered to a shaped ring of square wire, trimmed, and formed in a doming block.  Jump rings were soldered to the sides of each piece and the links joined to form the necklace.  Several of the copper pieces in this necklace have been chemically darkened to a deep, rich brown, while others were polished  to a bright shine. 

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “Mixed Metals”

  1. I wonder what you use to darken copper — LOS?

  2. On this piece, I used a chemical called Jax Brown-Black brass, bronze, and copper darkener. It’s available through Rio Grande and it works very well for these metals. When the desired darkness was acheived, I rinsed and dried the metal and then applied a thin layer of butcher’s wax to protect the finish. The wax gives a rich soft glow rather than the the shiny finish one would acheive with spray laquer.

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