Back to Beading…Eventually.

I’ve just realized that I haven’t done any beading this past month – not a bit since Bead&Button!  I’ve just been on such a role with metals and resin ever since I returned from the show.  While there, I took three days of metal workshops, one class in resin and another in polymer clay, and on the final day I took a beading class.   I remember on that last day as I worked the right angle weave pattern thinking to myself,  “This is the most relaxed I’ve been all week long.”  And I truly was!  I felt as if I’d gotten off a treadmill and was now breathing long, deep, relaxed breaths –  just sitting there with a huge sense of calm and well-being  in my soul.  That feeling was so telling of how zen-like  beading can be.  I do have a new project in mind that will use beautiful large rectangular Swarovski crystal stones ensconced in beaded bezels.  The required selection of colorful beads are waiting on my beading table and ready to go – but I’m just not quite ready yet.   Right now, I’m just having too much fun at my workbench banging my hammers, wrapping wire, soldering bezels, making earrings and necklaces!  I’m pouring more resin  today and I’ll have new pieces finished in the days ahead.  Life is so good – I can’t imagine it being better than this!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on July 11, 2010.

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