Faux Bone Bangle

I’m really having a good time working with Faux Bone™.  This piece has a contemporary feel, yet the “old world sepia toned finish somewhat  imparts the feeling of a relic.  This bangle is the second project I’ve made using Faux Bone™ and I’m quite pleased with it!  I like jewelry that literally “speaks” to me.  A piece that bears an imprinted message  has personality with which the wearer can relate.  And this type of jewelry is definitely a conversation starter.  One side of the bangle reads “Words did not come easily to her.”  And the opposite side reads “What she said was heartfelt.”  Both sides are textured with scratches and hatchmarks and embellished with sterling silver domed and flat disks.  A folded over piece of copper is imprinted with the words “Where, When, Why, What, and How”.  The embellishments are cold connected to the bangle with brass rivets.  Perhaps I’ll make earrings next!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on July 23, 2010.

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