Torch Firing

One of the classes I wish I’d had time to take at Bead&Button this past June was the torch fired enamels class taught by Susan Lenart Kazmer. In the past, I’ve worked solely in cloisonné enameling which is fired in a kiln.  It is a process that is extremely time consuming and requires many firings which is one reason I became disenchanted with making enameled pieces.   My work of late is evolving into a style that is the antithesis of the delicate work I did in years past.   The new work is bolder and many pieces have a sort of primitive yet modern feel and I think torch fired pieces will work very well with that style.   So I’m putting “explore torch fired enameling” on my “to do” list and will just have to carve out some time to play with that technique.  Until then, here’s a cloisonné enameled brooch I made thirteen years ago.  The enameled piece makes me think of an extremely modern kitchen island and side board atop a tiled floor.  It is accented with sterling silver, 18k gold bimetal, and copper, a pearl, and a carnelian tongue.  It’s title is “Modern Art III”.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on July 25, 2010.

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