Fine Silver Metal Clay Versus Fine and Sterling Silver Sheet

Granted, I love working fine silver metal clay.  I like that I can get the look and feel of a cast object without the expense of equipment necessary for the process of casting.  I like the idea that before firing, metal clay can be reconstituted if I’m not enamoured of the piece.  I like that it can be carved and easily imprinted with stamps and tools.  However, the price is significantly higher than  that of silver in sheet form.  Any form of silver is very expensive these days as are all precious metals.  Twenty years ago, an ounce of silver cost about $4.00.   It has now almost quadrupled in price not counting the additional fabricating charge from the major metal suppliers.  Silver in clay form is even more expensive!  Having started making  jewelry well before the advent of metal clay, I’m very comfortable working with silver sheet and wire.  I think working with sheet requires more skill.  Cold connections aside, a skilled metalsmith is proficient in soldering, sawing, and forming the metal by hammering.  I’m not saying that one method of working in silver is better than the other.  They both serve a purpose, and I’m glad to have the choice of using either of these materials.  I just wish the price of precious metals and silver metal clay would decrease a bit!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 2, 2010.

3 Responses to “Fine Silver Metal Clay Versus Fine and Sterling Silver Sheet”

  1. great blog!


  2. Thanks Jayne!


  3. I’m feeling the punch of silver being $28.00 a troy ounce right now too. Feel your pain on that.


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