The Perils of Beading While Flying!

Would someone please invent a tiny pen sized battery operated vacuum that picks up seed beads?  No sooner had I pulled out my bead container and opened the small square box that housed 15/0 beads, when my sleeve caught on the open box flap and, you guessed it, I spent the next half hour on the floor in front of my seat picking up seed beads!  Fortunately they were metallic bronze which showed up against the navy blue of American Airlines carpeting.  The arrival of a Bloody Mary, helped to ease my frustration, and by the end of the flight, I had managed to bezel two 27 x 18.5mm crystals.   This experience has taught me that it’s best to travel with beads housed in a tube or small plastic bag rather than a box.  Guess it’s all in a day…still a tiny vacuum would have been very helpful!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “The Perils of Beading While Flying!”

  1. My hubby used to love vacuuming the carpet when I worked with seed beads. Never failed…I always managed to dump them on the floor.


  2. Nice guy! Can you imagine beading in a room that had shag carptet – that would just be asking for a lot of trouble!


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