The Dog Days Return!

After a brief interlude of wonderfully cool weather, the sultry dog days of summer have returned with oppressive high humidity which makes resin cure at a snail’s pace.  Instead of taking three days to fully cure, it’s taking almost twice as long.  Thankfully, the humidity doesn’t affect  polymer clay which I’ll be working with tomorrow!  I certainly don’t feel like firing up the metal clay kiln in this weather.  But lately I’ve been working with silver and bronze sheet more than metal clay, so that’s not a problem.   I still haven’t found free time to bead.  And because I so love instant gratification and am able to finish several metal, polymer, and resin mixed-media projects in the thirty or so hours that it usually takes me to stitch one intricate seed beaded piece, I’m afraid my seed beads will just have to settle for looking pretty in their various tubes and boxes for the present!   I’m guessing that by the time winter hits the midwest, I’ll drag out my beads and start stitching again, writing directions and taking process photos as I go along so I will have new beading kits by spring.   Or I may just decide to spend less time on the “treadmill” and more time reading, playing in the kitchen, experimenting with recipes, and cooking fabulous elaborate meals – or maybe I’ll just take more time to enjoy “smelling the roses”!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 20, 2010.

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