Polymer Clay Covered Makeup Brushes To Go!

Makeup brushes often have plastic handles, so finding a set that has wooden handles is always welcome because they beg to be covered in polymer clay!  Since these are travel sized, I figured a travel theme would be most appropriate.  Text featuring words such as “journey” figure prominently in these five brushes.  They’re almost too nice to pack away in my cosmetic bag –   I think I’ll keep them displayed in my glass-topped jewelry box and admire them until I’m ready to go somewhere!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 25, 2010.

11 Responses to “Polymer Clay Covered Makeup Brushes To Go!”

  1. I’m crazy about these! (Which is funny, because I don’t use makeup brushes and I don’t work in polymer clay.) Thanks for sharing.


  2. OMG you just gave me a SUPER idea! I have stencil brushes for my rubber stamping/paper crafting and I keep a different one for different color ranges so they don’t contaminate other colored stamp pads – one for yellows, reds, blues, greens etc. They have wooden handles and all are grey and hard to tell apart – I write the color on the handle with a sharpie but it isn’t the best way to tell them apart. Colored polymer clay handles (decorative of course) would be awesome! I know what I’m doing this weekend now!


  3. I was wondering how you got the lettering words on to the polymer clay and how durable it is or permanent say if the brushes need to be washed


    • The lettering was done with rubber stamps before the clay was baked. Once cured, I painted the brushfes with acrylic paint and then wiped the excess off. I sealed the brushes by applying clear acrylic floor finish which protects the painted surface and adds sheen.


  4. wow pretty neat. Reason I was asking is because I sell professional 22 pcs brush sets. I had the same idea of covering them with polymer clay and stamping them which I did with a few of them. They turned out beautiful but my problem is the cost of the polymer clay to cover 22 brushes. I would have to tack on quite a bit more to the price of the brush set to offset the cost of clay and time any suggestions??? I really love the way they look and I assume they are probaly alot more durable with the clay on them but do you think it is reasonable with the cost of clay…


  5. My guess is that the cost of polymer clay to cover twenty-two brushes would be under $10 because you’d be using relatively thin layers of clay.  However, it would be rather labor intensive and time consuming to cover, texture, and finish that many brushes.  And I would think the novelty of putting that much work into brush sets of that size might wear off quickly.  A deluxe set of Bobbi Brown makeup brushes is about $175.  I would think a set of twenty-two polymer covered brushes would have to cost at least that much if not more.  After all, they are individually created and one-of-a-kind.  I think the biggest challenge is finding a target market willing to pay what your brush sets are worth in time and materials.   As with most art endeavors, we create because we possess a passion to make beautiful things, yet are seldom compensated enough to cover the cost of the time spent creating. 


  6. These are lovely. My question is, are all makeup brush hairs/bristles safe to go in the oven at the temp required to cure?


    • Thank you, Kristal! Hairs/bristles must be natural. Any synthetics will most likely melt. Brush handles must be wood or metal. Plastic handles will melt too.


      • Thank you Barbara. Very creative idea. I love them and will be experimenting with my brushes. I’m excited and nervous bc my collection is expensive. This has crossed my mind but I couldn’t find info on it so thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.


  7. To be on the safe side, I’d suggest you buy an inexpensive set (around $10 or so) and try it first before using your expensive set.


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