Spinner Ring – Bling!

I seldom make rings, but I’m feeling a need for extra fun, and adorning my fingers is just one way to accomplish this!  A very simple design, this “Big Top” ring holds a small brass disk, a beach pebble, and a large hammer textured, forged sterling silver disk which I’ve patinaed with liver of sulfur.   I love the subtle deep teal and coppery shades that were achieved!  A nifty thing about this ring is that the top spins with the flick of a finger and it makes a soft jingle with every hand movement!  A length of 12 gauge argentium silver was used for the post and band of this ring.  I’m thinking of making more of this type of ring, perhaps piercing the large silver disk with lots of tiny holes and substituting a polymer clay button for the pebble.  The pendant serves as a necklace when hung from a chain – double fashion mileage.  Lightweight, but extremely sturdy, it’s sure to get comments!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 4, 2010.

3 Responses to “Spinner Ring – Bling!”

  1. Beautiful! I really like it. Why did you use argentium silver for the post?


  2. Argentium is less prone to tarnish than sterling and I don’t need to pickle it after heating or soldering, but that isn’t the main reason I prefer using it. I use Argentium silver whenever I need to heat the tip of the wire to produce a balled end. Argentium makes a smooth, glossy balled tip, whereas sterling makes a rough, pitted, and sometimes cratered tip.
    On the downside, Argentium silver is more expensive than sterling silver, but it’s still a bargain compared to gold!


  3. Thanks Barbara. I’m new to jewellery making, so I have lots to learn. All tips and information are greatly appreciated.


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