Fun with Faux Bone

Here  is the latest ring I’ve made using Faux Bone™.  I really like this material.  It is incredibly strong and I think you could drive over a piece without having it incur any damage!  It’s definitely stronger than polymer clay and that’s a real plus when it comes to rings which in everyday life take quite a beating.  I’ve been “road testing” the Faux Bone™ bracelet and rings that I’ve made, wearing them daily to see how they hold up.  So far, I’d give them an A+ for durability.  The shine I’ve achieved via my muslin buffing wheel has held up beautifully.  When carved, the material is easily mistaken for Schrimshaw and the luster actually seems to improve with age.  I’ve added several balled end silver rivets to the ring –  one secures domes of silver and 18k gold bi-metal on both sides of the ring.  The word “Dream” has been stamped on one side of the ring and “Hope” on the opposite side.  This ring is amazingly comfortable to wear and I’m extremely pleased with it!  The next ring will be carved from 1/2″ stock – a bit beefier in width and full of possibilities!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “Fun with Faux Bone”

  1. Really lovely!Thanks for sharing.


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