Tear-Away Textured Earrings

The text on these earrings was imprinted with the tear-away texture sheets I made last week.  Tear-away texture sheets can be used a number of times, but eventually, the polymer clay that adheres to the toner-copied text on gloss paper will wear away from the paper, leaving blank spaces.  However, the sheet of polymer clay that was originally pressed onto the tear-away paper/clay sheet will last indefinitely, and from this polymer sheet, I will be able to texture a multitude of pieces.  The difference will be that the baked polymer clay texture sheet will put raised text on any metal or polymer clay I roll or press onto it.  And that’s just fine! 

The bronze clay in the above earrings had  fired to colors that were mismatched so I removed the color with a brass brush and torched the bronze until each earring was medium brown.  I then placed them in a tumbler for an hour which imparted a rich, dark bronze before assembling the earrings.  The earring shown at right were simply tumbled for a bright bronze finish.  Both pairs of earrings are shown on an earring stand that I made from 14 gauge steel wire and polymer clay.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on October 21, 2010.

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