Now for Something Completely Different – The Number 10 Pendant

I’ve finally gotten around to making something  from one of  many curiosities in my stash (a.k.a collection of goodies)!   This slice from a pool ball was purchased from a vendor at the Bead & Button show.  I’ve made a decorative silver bezel to hold number “10”.  On the backside I’ve stamped the following text borrowed from my office dictionary:  “Number, a material unit used to express an amount.”  The pendant measures four centimeters in diameter.  Hammered argentium silver wire was formed into a bail and attaches through a drilled hole at the top of the piece.  The pendant is suspended on a 25″ length of heavy sterling silver ball chain and finished with a toggle and clasp.  Let the viewer wonder as to what the number represents – it’s simply a fun piece that really makes a statement.  Now I’m going to have to think of something to do with the remaining 5, 7, and 13 numbered pool ball slices in my stash.  As always, so many things to create and never enough time!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on October 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Now for Something Completely Different – The Number 10 Pendant”

  1. I like it!


  2. Thanks Marsha! It is novel to say the least.


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