Added Insult to Injury

It’s always something!  I’ve been resting my elbow for two days, but not content with just that, my body has decided that it’s a good time to have a sinus infection.  Bring on the antibiotics and sleep…lots of sleep.  I’m feeling too tired to read, but the DVD player is churning film noir with the likes of Joan Crawford, Betty Davis, and Gene Tierney.  I love the old black and white flicks with their twisting and turning plots.  If one has to take “sick leave”, it’s so much better these days.  When I was a child and confined to bed due to illness, there was nothing to help pass the time.   I remember studying the various cracks in the ceiling and visualizing designs in them for hours on end, and the days and nights seemed insufferably long.  But, lucky me, today I have great creature comforts:  movies, a hot cup of tea, and two cuddly kitties curled up next to me.  Sometimes, it’s good to get off the treadmill and just recharge one’s batteries!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on November 7, 2010.

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