More Reading and Resting

While still nursing my slow mending elbow, I have found myself occasionally turning on the Telly.  Except for the Food Network and Turner Classic Movies, I don’t really watch much television, and for the most part, cannot abide reality TV shows.  But every now and then I’ll just be flipping channels and come upon Project Runway which I think is quite interesting from a fashion point of view.  I dislike the staged snippy comments and sabotage, but I do like to see the fashions the designers come up with.  Most of all, I enjoy Tim Gunn who is responsible for seeing that the designers get their acts together and present their pieces by the deadline.  Presently I’m reading his latest book Gunn’s Golden Rules…Life’s Little Lessons For Making It Work”It’s very entertaining and he offers  advice such as:  “If you look at the process of creating a work of art or a design as a journey of one hundred steps, steps one through ninety-five are relatively easy.  It’s the last five that are hard.  How do you achieve closure?  How do you finish it?  That’s the hard part.” I don’t totally agree with that.   Often the hardest part for me is coming up with the design for a piece, and once I have that down, it all comes together.  However, I do agree with the following remark,  “Making It Work means finding a solution to a dilemma, whether it’s a senior-year thesis collection, a difficult boss, or a flat tire.  When my students made it work, they reached a new level of understanding about their abilities to successfully problem solve, and that gave them additional resources when moving forward to the next task at hand.  When we figure a way out of a tricky situation in our own lives, we learn something and gain confidence in ourselves.  Making it work is empowering.”   If you’re looking for  a pleasant read and some very interesting stories and insights into the world of fashion, you’ll enjoy this book.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on November 15, 2010.

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