Making Metal Clay Buttons

I’m still working on the beaded portion of the “Tide Pool” cuff , but I want the metal clay button ready when I’m finished beading so now it’s time to get that going.  Two-part moulding compound is a wonderful material that allows me to make many objects with metal and polymer clays.  Equal amounts of the moulding compound are blended together, then an object (in this case, a seashell) is pressed into the compound and left to cure.  After approximately twenty minutes,  I pop the object out and, Voila!   I have a mould that can be used for many impressions.  In this photo my silver metal clay is already in the mould and I’ve added a button loop of fine silver.  Inside the loop, I’ve inserted a small disc of metal clay that I’ve stamped with my signature.  With a final sweep of the brush to clean up and smooth rough edges, I’m almost finished.  I carefully pop the button out of the mould, let it dry thoroughly, and fire it in a kiln.  The mould can be used repeatedly.  The photo at the right shows more moulds and unfired bronze metal clay seashell buttons and beads.  Perhaps I’ll make a batch of polymer clay buttons too!   And I can  pour resin into the moulds and make colorful seashells to set in bezels.  How versatile these moulds are and so much fun!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on November 21, 2010.

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