Ho! Ho! Ho!

I am so organized this year!  I wasn’t terribly enthused about the holidays until our first snowfall.  It definitely put me in the mood and now the tree’s up and all decorated.  It’s been “gift wrap central” here – the table in my studio is brimming with ribbon, bows, paper, and cards.  Living in the country, I have come to rely a great deal on online shopping which has saved me countless hours, energy, and stress.  I was a Girl Scout and learned at a very early age  to “be prepared”, so now when I see something on sale during the year that I know will make a great present, I buy it and hide it away for that special occasion.  My problem is that I tend to hide things too well and then can’t remember where they are when I need them!  But this year everything has fallen in place perfectly with all presents accounted for.  I love watching our curious kitties as they cautiously approach the tree and inspect the packages.   I don’t need Sherlock Holmes to inform me that one or both of them likes to chew on ribbon and bows.  Telltale toothmark evidence has convinced me of that!  I’ve resisted the temptation to  inspect, shake, or rattle the packages with tags addressed to me, although I hope they contain some of the items on the list I gave to Santa – useful items for the studio like a new jewelry tumbler, some riveting gadgets and accessories, and gift certificates to metal clay and bead suppliers – always appreciated and most useful to have on hand.  Presents aside, what I love most about the holidays is the all-encompassing feeling of warmth and love and the comfort of having truly wonderful friends and a loving family.  Life is good!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on December 15, 2010.

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