I’m so surprised…

I can hardly believe my eyes!   This is a batch of BronzClay FASTfire metal clay that I’ve just removed from the kiln.  When firing bronze metal clay in coconut shell activated carbon, the pieces are supposed to come out of the kiln yellow bronze – period.   But this batch fired to gorgeous golds, coppers, oranges, and blues as well as the satin yellow!  These kinds of colors are supposed to happen when using coal activated carbon – not coconut shell carbon.   I’m baffled but thrilled and I have just the perfect project in mind for these pieces!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 5, 2011.

2 Responses to “I’m so surprised…”

  1. Interesting. I had this happen when I refired a piece because it wasn’t completely sintered. All others came out brown until I polished them.


    • I was told by Cooltools.us from whom I purchased the activated coconut carbon that this batch of brone metal clay most likely fired in colors because I had neglected to do an initial firing with just the carbon. It will be interesting to see what colors, if any, I get with the next firing.


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