Another fun kit and pattern…

will be available in my Etsy shop when it reopens.   Would you like a fun project that combines beading with brick and peyote stitch techniques as well as polymer clay? If you like earrings that are just a bit on the flamboyant side and sure to be conversation starters,  my “Moroccan Surprise” earring design will be perfect you!   My friend, Pat, cringes whenever I wear these earrings  – as a child she was teased mercilessly by her sister who instilled a dreadful fear of these creatures in her!  How sad.  However, I love them!  When I put them on I’m reminded of Cleopatra whom I think would have adored these darling little viper drops swinging from her ears!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 26, 2011.

One Response to “Another fun kit and pattern…”

  1. Excellent post. Beading is a great hobby that my mom enjoys very much, she came across a new beading blog and she just fell in love with it. She recommends it to all her friends. Just wanted to share this with everyone that loves to bead. Once again thanks for sharing.

    Creek Corner – Crafts and Beading Hobbies


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