The Bead and Button Show…

is only weeks away!  I’m already dreaming of the goodies I’ll pick up at the floor show.  Every year I return home with my suitcase bulging with new stash…beads upon beads, strands of pearls, cabachons and stones to set, chain and findings, tools and all manner of gadgets!  I can hardly contain myself just thinking about the possibilities and endless ideas I’ll bring home!  This is the first year I’ve attended when I won’t be taking any beading classes.  I’ve found in the past that, although I work on the project during class, I never pick it up again.  I eventually take the beads and materials from the class kits and use them in my own designs.  For me, creating a design is as much fun as the process of beading.  It’s an adventure that begins with a concept, then I have the fun of choosing colors and types of beads and embellishments, and beading a prototype, then improving the design and creating a second or third incarnation of the original idea.  Once I’ve settled on the finished design, I tackle the creation of a final piece in which I carefully document each phase of the design process, writing the step by step instructions and taking photos of each step along the way.  It’s a lot of work, but I’m always so pleased when I’ve completed all this and have a new pattern or beading kit to offer in my Etsy shop for others to enjoy! 

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on May 12, 2011.

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