I hadn’t planned on making numerous molds today…

but upon opening my jars of Rio Cold Mold, I found they were gasping a final breath.  The expiration date loomed in the not so distant future.  It was definitely time to take advantage of the situation!  I quickly gathered from my studio whatever might be worthy of reproduction.  A fine silver twig from a casting class and an angel wing I had made were a good start as were the metal clay seashell and ammonite buttons which I had previously made molds of.  Given the shrinkage factor of metal clay, molds made from these items will yield smaller versions which I can include in my designer beading kits!  A mold made from the carved spire atop my polymer clay covered craft knife will give me beautiful end caps for beaded necklaces.  And the cute little turtle perched atop another polymer clay covered tool will reincarnate as a bead.  This fortuitous discovery of almost expired molding compound will give me many new components with which to create!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on July 29, 2011.

One Response to “I hadn’t planned on making numerous molds today…”

  1. I love the twig and the turtle especially 🙂

    How do you like the Rio Cold Mold? I’ve been looking for a replacement for Miracle Mold and so far haven’t found anything firm enough (for polymer clay with a lot of deep detail) that doesn’t split after a couple uses.


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