Packing lightly…

I’m gathering goodies and filling my portable beading tins with packets of beads and bead related accouterments.  Can’t forget scissors, but they must have rounded ends if one is flying.  My preferred beading thread is Fireline, but the small spools it comes on are larger than I like so I rewind as much as I can on a plastic bobbin which takes less space in my container.  Needles in several sizes – check.  And a bead shovel is mighty handy.  I have one that the a packet of needles and the bobbin fit into perfectly and I line the tin with a small piece cut from a full-size beading mat.  I’m never quite sure if my travel project will be a bracelet or necklace, so I need to pack enough materials to make either, yet I need to be able to fit it into a handbag or small tote so I can work on a project anywhere at a moment’s notice.  The size of this tin is perfect – not too small or too large.  Sort of Goldilocks size…just right!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 7, 2011.

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