It’s been slow going…

with my new MacBook Pro.  And for a while I was having a love-hate relationship with it, spending a lot of time discovering the huge differences between the Mac and PC operating systems and maneuvering through the menus and toolbars  in utter frustration!  My husband couldn’t believe the words coming out of my mouth as I desperately tried to tame this beast aptly named OS X Lion!  Of course, I love the cosmetics of the MacBook…how sleek and quiet this laptop is, the touch of the keyboard and the fact that it lights up, but that’s pretty much where the love ended until we installed Microsoft Office for Mac. Having a Word document appear on the screen was like seeing a long-lost friend and I’m so glad to have it back!  Now the real work begins…copying all the documents that were transferred from the PC to the Mac in different format, pasting the contents in Word documents, then searching through the jumble of over 7,000 photos that were imported into iPhotos minus their respective folders in which they had been neatly categorized on the PC, and dragging each photo next to the step it correlates with in the pattern directions.  Considering that most of my patterns contain between 20 and 30 photos, it will take quite a while to get all this accomplished!  In the meantime, my PC is in the ‘hospital” getting a diagnosis for what might be causing it to crash on a daily basis.  I will keep it as my “go to” computer for things that need to be done quickly until I become proficient with the Mac.  There is still so much I don’t understand with the Mac, but I am so relieved to feel that I now have some control over my computer!   Yes…this is very good!


~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 15, 2011.

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