I really like this latest mixed media fibula…

I’ve been wearing it a lot now that autumn has set in and shawls and heavy sweaters are being worn to keep the chill at bay.  I’ve titled this piece “Black Mamba” for the little fellow fashioned in polymer clay that is wrapped around the curvy sterling silver wire midpoint on this brooch.  It appears that he is guarding a treasure of bronze, glass, and bone beads as well as a sparkly grey drusy.  As you might imagine, I get a lot of comments on this piece.  When it comes to the subject of reptiles –  particularly serpents, I predict that the viewer will either back away aghast with fright or disgust registered on their face, or they think the creature is interesting and perhaps even (dare I say?) amusing.  My friend, Pat, falls into the former category.   As for me, I think they are very interesting, if not beautiful, and I’m certainly not afraid – especially if they are made of polymer clay!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on October 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “I really like this latest mixed media fibula…”

  1. I love the piece, and I, too, am a snake fan. In my youth, I dated a fellow who owned a lovely boa constrictor named Captain Crunch. He was a big ol’ dude, Vietnam vet, and he used to let the snake sit curled around his neck. I loved the feel of that critter’s smooth snaky skin. Watching the snake move in his massive undulating way was fascinating. So anyway, back to the piece at hand, thanks for reminding me of the wonderfulness of our slithery friends, and of a sweet romance that ended too soon.


  2. Captain Crunch…a great name for a boa and what an interesting story! Knowing that the tiny polymer replica on my piece conjured up good memories for you is enough to make my day!


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