Geometric beading is intriguing…

and very mathematical.  It is the antithesis of free-form beading which allows one to use almost any type or size of bead and vary the types of stitches used in the same piece. On the contrary, beading a geometric form requires precision, counting, and a lot of concentration.  Skip one bead and the entire pattern will be thrown off!  I’ve just started this bangle and I’m not yet sure if the end result will be what I have in mind or even to what dimensional proportions it will grow.  I may expand the RAW (right angle weave) band and insert a tube to give the form more shape.  I may duplicate the peyote stitched design at the opposite edge of the RAW so it becomes very rigid when joined at the outer edge.  The sketchbook in my mind is always changing and adapting.  Any preconceived ideas I might have about how a piece will look when finished may morph into a totally different design.  The outcome is often a surprise!  At any rate, I’m having a lot of fun exploring the possibilities!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on October 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Geometric beading is intriguing…”

  1. I admire your patience and dedication to stictch these wonderful works. I have none of that myself and am enjoying reading your blog and seeing the great pieces you make. 🙂


  2. Patience has never been a virtue that I possessed, but beading does force one to take a deep breath, slow down a bit, and enjoy the process, which is rather difficult for someone who has always preferred immediate gratification! Five years ago, I never thought I would have the patience to bead. I’ve surprised myself. Perhaps it’s age that has taught me to appreciate the journey rather than the end result.


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