Embellishments and components add so much interest!

They can turn a plain beaded bracelet from ordinary to stunningly artistic!  They can add zing to an otherwise uninteresting necklace.  And where would a “spinner” ring be if not for some sort of whirligig attached to its top.  Like a charm bracelet without charms, it would be incomplete.  It’s amazing how you can spice up your work with just the right component and additional embellishment.  I’m working on a variation of my “Belles Fleurs” bracelet at the moment and, although I’m eliminating the chain maille in this rendition, I’m adding lots of shiny petite 4mm disks to give it weight and substance.  I may even add a tiny polymer clay flower nestled in a bronze metal clay bead cap, a bit smaller than those pictured in this photo which I currently have in my Etsy shop. I call them Exotic Blossom components and they consist of two textured bronze metal clay floral shaped caps and two polymer clay blossoms. These versatile components could be used in several different ways.  Run a head pin through a blossom and cap and attach to a section of chain for some wild, swinging earrings!   They could also be used as focal drops at the end of a beaded lariat rope, or add interest to a necklace if used as a tiered pendant.  Whatever they are used for, it’s a cinch they would add that extra touch of panache!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on December 10, 2011.

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