One never seems to have enough. I’ve already filled three jewelry boxes with pieces I’ve made over the last twenty years – pieces I can’t bear to part with. Some works, such as my enameled pieces take up lots of space because they require divided compartments so the enamel won’t get scratched. In my never-ending quest to find storage, I came across this shadow box in the  in a section of a craft store where picture frames are sold. Not only was it attractive, it was also relatively inexpensive. I love that the framed glass lid in the upper half allows me to see my colorful stash of mixed media jewelry – a jolt of eye candy to enjoy! The ample sized drawer in the lower half holds bracelets and a collection of cosmetic brushes that have polymer encased handles. I like this shadow box so much that I purchased several more to have on my beading table. They house collections of crystals, cabochons, and accent beads, beading tools and thread, and other items I need for projects I’m working on.  I have several more of these shadow boxes in my clay studio.  They house a selection of carving and texture tools that I use with metal clay and polymer clay work.  Because the glass lid allows visibility to whatever I’m looking for,  I save an immense amount of time that would otherwise be spent hunting for whatever I need at a given moment. Very hand indeed!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 14, 2012.

2 Responses to “Storage…”

  1. love the box and I have a few of these myself… filled boxes, not as nice as yours 🙂


  2. I have a nifty way to display earrings…I’ll be posting a photo soon.


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