I’m having the best time!

I’ve never done bead embroidery before, but I’m finding that it is really fun to do!  Here is one of my “cosmic cabochons” attached to  foundation and captured in a beaded bezel.  I must admit it was difficult to pick just one cabochon to use in this piece because they all dazzle with color and fire!  I’ve also added several of my bronze metal clay embellishments and have surrounded them with Delica beads, keishi pearls, crystals and seed beads.  I’m having a wonderful time designing this piece as I go along, letting my “eye” dictate which beads or pearls to use in any given area.  The finished product will be a wide cuff.  Bronze metallic leather will serve as the backing of the cuff and I think I’ll use a sterling slide clasp as my closure.  I’ve just listed three “cosmic cabochons” in my Etsy shop.  You’ll find bronze embellishments there as well should you decide that you would like to do some free-form bead embroidery too!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “I’m having the best time!”

  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see the finished piece.


  2. I can’t either!!! This is going to be a real statement piece!


  3. Barbara: bead embroidery is my favorite.My next piece is going to be semi free-form, but I love doing all of the different stones and beads. As little as 8 months ago, all of the cuffs I saw on ETsy were all cabs and seed beads, but now some people are getting much more bold with their pieces, and of course, I am all for bold!!

    I am still recovering from the race to do a few things for V day and listing new fabrics too! As soon as I uncover the oven, I’m going to start with the clay!

    You must post pics of your new cuff!


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