Earring storage..

There are a lot of earring trees available on the market.  Most are mass-produced and made of steel or other metals, some are acrylic.  There are earrings stands made of twisted wires in the shape of a tree, some look like screens with holes punched throughout.  I find that making my own is a fun and inexpensive alternative to those found in jewelry catalogs.  I made my earring display with polymer clay and heavy 14 gauge steel wire.  This particular display holds quite a few pair of earrings and I enjoy seeing them on my vanity rather than having them hidden in a drawer.  It also keeps them from tangling with my other jewelry pieces.  I’ve made several stands that hold just one pair and have enjoyed giving them as gifts for display of one’s favorite pair of earrings.  You’ll find patterns and kits for making these in my Etsy shop.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on February 25, 2012.

3 Responses to “Earring storage..”



  2. Your display is fabulous! (and of course your earrings too!)


  3. Thank you, Carolyn!


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