There are a ton of projects on my workbench…

However, they will just have to wait.  We’ve been graced with many days of unusual summer-like temperatures for this time of the year and the prairie just can’t wait any longer, nor can the herb garden.  After a heavy rain, my chives, sage, thyme, and oregano are all starting to leaf out and I must get the beds cleaned up or risk trampling on tender leaves and blossoms.  I’ve noticed my bleeding hearts, shooting stars, and hepatica are making their debut as well.  Even the jack-in-the-pulpits are poking up.  This is all happening so rapidly – wasn’t it only weeks ago that I put the Christmas decorations away?  We usually have at least another month before the spring cleanup needs to be done.  The garage needs to be cleaned out too – a winter’s worth of sand and sludge from driving on dirt roads has built up on the floor.  With this wonderful warmth we want to eat out on the screened porch, so that needs cleaning too.  I’m probably being over optimistic, but his weather is almost too good to be true and I hope we don’t get hit with more winter weather!   In any event, the next few days will be spent doing those tasks and then when all is done, I’ll be able to return to the bench and start working on all those projects that are waiting for my attention.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “There are a ton of projects on my workbench…”

  1. Is that your house in the picture?? I LOVE IT! I have realised that I am the only one out the 6 in my family who cannot grow anything (all I wanted was a few herbs) so I admire youre garden with all the herbs and pretty sounding flowers. 🙂
    Beads can wait while the weather is good. Especially in this garden.^^


  2. Yes Jen, that’s our little woodland path leading up from the prairie that surrounds our house. I’ll post pictures later in the season when the prairie starts blooming. We’ll have lots of black-eyed susans and other native plants too!


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