Oh, what lovely colors and textures!

These beautiful leather pieces just arrived in my mailbox!  I ordered them from BeadsEast.com and I’ll use them for the backing material of my bead embroidered pieces.  I prefer using leather over ultra suede because it is far easier to keep clean.  These are very thin and supple pieces of leather which make passing a needle through a pleasant task when edging a piece.  I ordered several of my favorite colors including metallics which pickup the colorful inclusions of my “cosmic cabochons”.  

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 23, 2012.

2 Responses to “Oh, what lovely colors and textures!”

  1. BArbara, the Bead Embroidery Bug seems to have really bitten you!! The leathers are beautiful. Could you use tiny shapes of the leather in you resin cabs? That could be fun!
    I appreciate the link!


  2. Pam, I love doing the bead embroidery, but I doubt I will be as prolific with it as some who focus entirely on that form of beading. Working with metals, metal and polymer clays, resin, etc., takes up a lot of my time which is probably good considering that bead embrodiery and beading in general is very sedentary. Working in the metals studio keeps me moving around and gives me a little bit of exercise. But, I do love having materials at hand when I need them, so the leather pieces will be put to good use. I may also decide to make up kits that offer a cabochon coordinated with matching backing and bronze metal clay embellishments – something new to offer in my Etsy shop!


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