If you’re a pastry chef…

You may recognize these as helpful gadgets used to cut out puff pastry, but they are also marvelous for cutting out metal and polymer clay designs.  Made of nylon and fiberglass and virtually unbreakable, they have extremely sharp, seamless edges.  I found these at shadesofclay.com and they come in a variety of shapes.  Each shape comes in a set of seven to nine cutters housed in a plastic container for storage.  Sizes range from approximately three-quarters of an inch for the smallest up to three or four inches for the largest.  Granted, it’s doubtful that I’ll be using the larger sizes for cutting clay, but should I decide to make puff pastry or roll out cookies, I’m good to go!


~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 9, 2012.

4 Responses to “If you’re a pastry chef…”

  1. Cool, thanks for the link! My Atlas pasta machine arrives today along with clay extruder with a twist type top rather than push type and three slicing blades with these cool safety handles you can stick on each end.. I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it..lalala!

    Setting up my dedicated clay workspace today…that means opening the other leaf in my work table so that the craft room is REALLY crowded now!

    Do you bake on a glass tile or ceramic or what? Don’t have that yet. Do have batting!

  2. I’m probably looking right at it, but I could not find the cutters. I assumed they would be under “cutters”. What are they listed under? They look great.

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