Working with Epoxy Resin Clay…

It’s something I should have done two years ago…that’s how long ago I bought this tube.  Like many purchases I make at the Bead and Button show, it got stashed away in a drawer to be used at a later date.  I came across this tube today, and not a moment too soon – it has a shelf life of twenty-four months.  I got to it just as it was turning from soft and pliable to stiff and crumbly, but with diligent kneading I was able to salvage the clay.  Using one of my silicon molds, I impressed the epoxy resin clay and was surprised at how fast it set up – it has a working time of only 4 – 7 minutes.  Within an hour I was able to remove it from the mold.  Every detail showed up with crisp definition.  I mixed up some black and white acrylic paint, dabbed the recesses of the design and then buffed off the excess paint with a rotary brush to create the look of an ancient stone facade.  Voila!  I now have a miniature ruin, which I will use in a mixed media brooch.  I’ll definitely be picking up more of this product at the show this year!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 19, 2012.

One Response to “Working with Epoxy Resin Clay…”

  1. Thanks, Barbara! I’m eager to get started in this medium.


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