Blog – Shopping on the Miracle Mile…

I love fashion and besides making jewelry, I was born to shop.  I’ve had a lot of practice too, but now that I live in the country, I only get to Chicago several times a year.  Window-shopping along Michigan Avenue is a rare treat for me, but that’s exactly what I did yesterday!  Although it’s springtime, summer fashions and accessories are now being featured and one trend that is currently “hot” in fashion is snakeskin. From python to boa and everything in between, one can expect to see a multitude of shoes and purses covered in patterned skins of dyed jewel-tones, brites, and neutral colors, but it is also being used in jewelry. Reptilian themed rings, earrings, and bangles covered with snakeskin are appearing in many designer collections.   I find them to be rather beautiful but prefer faux replicas of the real thing – I’d rather reptiles wear their own skin!  These interesting creatures have inspired several of my designs over the years as shown in this collection of polymer clay bangles, which feature coiled serpents and accented with charms of bronze and silver.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on April 29, 2012.

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