More fun clay covered tools…

One just can’t have too many jewelry making tools!  These polymer clay-covered tools are some of my favorites.  A little green lizard climbs up the textured shaft of the needle tool.  The brass tube tool sports coils at both ends and is topped with vintage pressed glass and bone beads.  My three favorite tools for carving (large and small V-shape and one U-shape) are dressed for spring with leaves and blossoms.  Having related but different designs on each carving tool makes it easy to spot the tool I’m reaching for rather than having to read a text description on the side or looking at the tip.  These tools are really too nice to put away in a drawer.  I store them in a glass-covered case where they are always ready to be picked up and used, but also just sitting pretty and on display when they are idle.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on May 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “More fun clay covered tools…”

  1. I just love these. What a neat way to differentiate your tools! Very cool!


  2. Thank you! Covering tools with polymer is additive…one just keeps finding more objects that would be greatly improved with the addition of color and texture. It’s just so much fun!


  3. I love reading your blog for these beautiful posts on your creativity, what a wonderful way to show off yoru tools. and make them fun!


  4. Thanks, Jen! I’m doing some polymer carving now and really loving it. It’s very meditative and relaxing.


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