Like putting the cart before the horse…

Premo Spring 2010 Color Recipe Ebook     FIMO Classic Fall 2011 Color Recipe Ebook    FIMO Classic Spring 2012 Color Recipe Ebook

Perhaps because I’m so eager for the end results, I often tend to do things backwards!  I’m lucky to have an innate feel for color, so when it comes to mixing colors in polymer clay I just grab several colors and start blending them together to get the shade I want.  This works very well as long as I don’t need to repeat the same shade exactly for another project.  This is where color recipe books are very handy. I discovered a website, Crafts by Chris, that offers just that!  There you will find color recipe Ebooks for Premo!, Fimo, and Kato polymer clays.  You can print 3” x 5” or standard business card sized card stock and keep them in a recipe box or card files so they are at hand whenever you need to look up a color.  Now, when I want a specific shade, I’ll just refer to the recipes.  I like anything that makes life easier! 

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on May 18, 2012.

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