This year’s Bead and Button Show stash…

I didn’t spend as much time shopping at the show this year and I came home with far fewer goodies than in past years. There seemed to be a lot of the same things I’ve seen before and have already purchased.  There also weren’t quite as many new, innovative jewelry-making tools as I’d seen at previous shows.  And silver was quite scarce compared to past years…what sterling silver goods I did see were priced around $2.50 a gram.  That translates to $70 an ounce for silver beads and charms…a bit beyond what I’m willing to pay.  I’m sure others felt the same way.  However, I did find some lovely geode slices and polished ammonites, copper and brass stampings and components, bronze hex seed beads, carved bone beads, vintage Czech bezeled “sew on” crystals, mother of pearl buttons, coin pearls, more Faux Bone™, and a collection of nifty gears in different sizes.  I’m sure these will keep me busy for a while!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on June 15, 2012.

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