I’m a huge fan of anything that saves time!

I’ve been making jewelry a long time.  Having learned with basic hand tools, I was happy enough to use them until I started doing shows and selling in galleries and needed to produce a lot of pieces in a minimal amount of time.  That’s when I began investing in power tools that could do the job in a fraction of the time I had spent hand finishing everything.  My flexshaft with quick-change handpiece is an essential piece of equipment because it can perform a multitude of tasks.  I’ve found that my buffing wheel is indispensable for shining polymer clay and Faux Bone™.  From the time I first laid eyes on the Kate Wolf sanding belt, I knew I had to have one – it is a huge time saver!  I’d been using a Delta electric sander for years.  It performed well, but was really more than I needed for working with small-scale items. It was also extremely noisy and took up a lot of space.   In contrast, the Wolf mini-sander perches on the side rail of my workbench and operates by attaching to my flex shaft foot pedal, which gives it variable speeds.  I use it for grinding numerous items such as the uneven backs of resin cabochons.  The only downside is that it creates a lot of dust and debris, which in perfect circumstances could be contained if it were placed in an enclosed container with a vacuum hose attached.  But the workbench is where my flexshaft is, so I just wear a dust mask, do as many pieces at a time as is feasible, and vacuum the bench and work area afterwards.  It’s a small price to pay for the time and effort the mini-sander saves me.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on August 3, 2012.

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