Change of life…

I feel like a kid just let out of school for summer vacation with weeks of freedom ahead – weeks and months to play and do anything I wish!  I haven’t felt such liberation in a long time.  I admit that I am a workaholic and working in my jewelry studio can be all-encompassing. I’ve spent the last three months creating a new body of work for Brio Gallery and have sorely neglected projects, activities, and assorted items that have been on my wish list during that time.  I barely surfaced for air and missed most of this summer.  I do love my work and creating is akin to breathing for me, but I haven’t paid attention to the “everything in moderation” principle.  My yin and yang have become quite unbalanced.  I’ve been too driven for too long and my body and mind are telling me to slow down, smell the roses, and surface for fresh air.  Thankfully, my obligations for this year have come to an end.  Various writing commitments for articles and step-by-step projects in Metal Clay Artist magazine (volume 3, issue 2,) Handcrafted Jewelry magazine, and “Metal Clay and Color” have been published.  Commissions are finished and I’ve built enough stock for the holidays.  I can finally jump off the treadmill!  But don’t think for minute that I’ll sitting idle twiddling my thumbs.  Projects that have been put on the back burner are patiently waiting for my attention and I want to explore more beading techniques, geometric beading in particular.  I want to test new ideas and create pieces for pure pleasure!  Perhaps I’ll play with designs for some new jewelry displays I’d like to build.   It’s time to pursue other passions as well.  I love to cook and would like to experiment with recipes for preparing whole foods.  I want to pursue my practice of yoga and meditation.  Much of my reading material has always consisted of articles geared to learning new techniques – now it’s time to read for pleasure.  A good novel is in order!  I think I’m going to love not having an agenda – at least for a while!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on September 10, 2012.

4 Responses to “Change of life…”

  1. You said change of life, then I realized you were really too young for the life I thought you meant. BUT, for me who has really gone through the one you didn’t, when your email arrives, the print is very faint and difficult to read. How about another colour?
    Thanks, Ruth


    • Ha! Ruth, I am a lot older than I look. I’ve always taken excellent care of my skin, never smoked, and never had children to give me worry lines. Believe it or not…I am eligible to collect social security! I know what you mean – my eyesight is also getting worse, especially since I’ve started beading. I’d be happy to change the color of my font, but there is a problem in doing that because the template I use on my WordPress site ( has a black background, so anything darker than the tan font I use would make it difficult to read. Email subscribers to my blog receive the blog against a white background (I don’t know why, but that’s something I can’t control). You may want to check out my WordPress site and read the blog there. So I’m very sorry I can’t oblige and hope you understand.;o)


  2. Good for you! Some time to have a glass of wine with a friend I hope.


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