Making progress…

I’ve been to my doctor for my post-op visit and she said I am healing well and there is no sign of infection.  I must admit that while having the dressing changed, I glanced at my feet and presently they look like something from a Frankenstein movie what with the bruising and stitches running up along my big toes, but thankfully, the stitches will be removed next Monday.  In the meantime I’m continuing to catch up on my reading and have addressed a stack of Christmas cards.  I’ve watched the entire first and second seasons of Downton Abbey again (I love the costumes and beaded jewelry!) as well as several Alfred Hitchcock classics – Dial “M” for Murder, North by Northwest, and Suspicion.  I’ve resumed work on the Calderon bracelet beading project I started months ago while I was on vacation.  It’s slow going as I somehow manage to keep making mistakes in the bead count and having to tear out rows.  My concentration is simply not as keen as it once was!  I love having my teeny tins of colorful beads on hand.  The colors are a visual feast!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on November 21, 2012.

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