A geometric work in progress…

GeometricBeadedBangleI’m eagerly awaiting the publication of “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork”, a book by Kate McKinnon in collaboration with Dustin Wedekind, Jean Power, Christina Vandervlist, and Gabriella van Diepen.  The book also shows finished pieces made by hundreds of beaders who contributed works created from the team’s designs. Kate has released 180 pages online to those who have pre-ordered the book, and from what I have seen, it is filled with inspired ideas for creating beaded jewelry in numerous geometric shapes.  I consider the designs offered as a jump-start, so to speak, for exploring and creating one’s own designs from the basic steps given in the book.  With careful study and attention to count, a myriad of pieces featuring peaks, zigzags, triangles, cones, and more can be created.  Starting with a design concept, one row of modified right angle weave, and then switching to Peyote stitch, I’m discovering the joy of working geometrically!  As I stitch, the design is constantly evolving.  Color plays an enormous part as does the addition of various embellishments.  I’ve a tiny crystals surrounded by rosettes of 11/0 Delicas and 15/0 round seed beads that are placed  strategically at the base of each expanding “wing” flaring out along one edge of the bangle.  Working with geometric shapes is a true beading adventure and one that keeps you alert – you won’t want to lose count, which would throw your design “off kilter”.   Unlike knitting where row upon row of work can be unraveled rapidly with the pull of a thread, correcting a beading mistake can be quite a challenge and one I wish to avoid.  Stay tuned…I’ll be posting a photo of the finished bangle very soon!

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 1, 2013.

3 Responses to “A geometric work in progress…”

  1. I love your piece in progress!!!
    Just to clarify, we did work with literally hundreds of beaders, but all of the designs are from the core team, about six of us. The hundreds of people were our test beaders, and the people who gave us feedback on advance project releases. It’s been an amazing way to make a book.

    Thank you for your post, we love seeing the work move around the world and through people’s hands… : )


  2. Thank you, Kate! I’ve corrected the post to clarify that the works submitted were designed by the core team. Is there a Contemporary Geometric Book 2 in the future?


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