And the colors are…

geometricBeadedBangle_MoroccanDelight_DetailThe colors I used for my “Moroccan Delight” bangle have been a huge hit and I’ve had more than a few inquiries asking if I could provide the color numbers of the 11/0 Delica beads used.  Fortunately, most of the beads that I used were in their original tubes with color description and number intact, but the 15/0 seed bead colors were from older stock and were not labeled, in which case I’ll do my best to describe those.  The colors are as follows:
DB001 – Gunmetal
DB1268 – Matte Transparent Caribbean Teal
DB0859 – Matte Transparent Rainbow Dark Green
DB0022 – Metallic Bronze
DB0087 – Rootbeer-lined Light Topaz
DB1054 – Matte Metallic Rainbow Purple
DB1736 – Sparkle Beige-lined Dark Topaz AB
DB1202 – Transparent Silver-lined Cherry Cola
DB0464 – Nickel Finished Dark Purple
DB1244 – Transparent Mauve AB
DB0250 – Opaque Lustre Purple
DB0088 Hex Cut – Berry-lined Dark Topaz AB
15/0 Toho – Transparent Teal-lined?
15/0 Toho – Raspberry AB?
15/0 Charlottes – Metallic Bronze


~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 7, 2013.

3 Responses to “And the colors are…”

  1. Barbara, YOU ROCK! Thanks for telling us the colorway – and the close up pix are going to have me reaching for the smelling salts. It’s evn more beautiful up close and personal. 🙂


  2. Stephanie, you’re most welcome! Enjoy the eye candy!


  3. Thanks very much for the bead numbers. Your bangle is just gorgeous. I’m amazed at your color sense. – how you even know which colors to buy, much less combine.


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