Enter planet Mongo…

GeometricBeadwork_EmpressMingCuff_BarbaraBriggsGeometricBeadwork_EmpressMingCuff_ReverseSide_BarbaraBriggsIf you were raised on a diet of television in the 1950’s, you are sure to remember the Flash Gordon series. I would rush home from school and tune in to the latest episode to see what dire deed Flash Gordon’s nemesis, Emperor Ming the Merciless, was concocting on planet Mongo.  Ming was extremely tall and thin with finely chiseled features and  a pointed goatee.  He wore a marvelous flowing, high-collared crimson robe and his menacing look and demeanor scared the hell out of me!  Although my latest geometric beaded cuff was not conceived with Ming in mind, upon completion it reminded me of a spaceship from which you could see distant constellations and I thought about Ming and contemplated the notion of the possible existence of an Empress Ming.  Surely, she would wear this cuff!  A regal accessory such as this would certainly let everyone know that the Empress meant business!  If you haven’t guessed by now, the title of this piece is “Empress Ming’s Cuff”.  If you’re interested in trying your hand at geometric beadwork check out Kate McKinnon’s new book “Contemporary Geometric Beadwork” and Jean Power’s “Geometric Beadwork“.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on January 18, 2013.

17 Responses to “Enter planet Mongo…”

  1. Barbara, fantastic piece! I love it. Thanks much for the link to our book and Jean’s. I can’t wait to see where the forms take you, especially when you mix in stuff like a Zigged Band, for pieces like the Fortuneteller Bangle. Also, do you have the Sea Serpent form on your list? I’d love to see what you created along each of those lines. Your colour and line patterns are exquisite.


    • Thank you so much, Kate! Beading geometrically has opened an entirely new creative phase for me…enough for me to put down hammer and metal for the time being and devote my full attention to these new design elements (i.e. wings, horns, etc.,). A huge “thanks” to you and your team for having started a new beading evolution!


  2. Absolutely stunning… Thanks for sharing it!


  3. fantastic work! wow!


  4. Gorgeous Barbara!


  5. That is absolutely stunning. I can look on in awe as you have been making it. 🙂


  6. Thank you, Marcia!


  7. Thank you, Jen!


  8. Extraordinary piece!!!


  9. On my gosh, this is simply stunning ~ the colors, the shapes; a simple little black dress with the Empress gracing your arm.
    This could certainly be a Bead Dreams winner!


  10. Absolutely a work of perfection! Genius!


  11. Holy cow! It does look like a dark and menacing space craft….but so utterly cool! I’ve seen all the pictures on Kate’s blog, and I think this might be my favorite. Your detailing is exquisite.


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