And The Colors Are…

Azteca_GeometricBeadedBangle_Closeup_BarbaraBriggsMy colorful “Azteca” bangle (inspired by the Wings section in Contemporary Geometric Beadwork) has been well received and I’ve had several requests asking for the color names and numbers of the Delica beads I used to make it – well get your pen and paper ready because here they are:
Opaque Brick Red – 0654
Opaque Purple – 0661
Color-lined Fuchsia – 0281
Silver-lined Light Bronze – 0181
Silver-lined Frost Squash – 0681
Matte Transparent Caribbean Teal – 1268
Metallic Bronze – 0022
Matte Metallic Luster Bronze – 1057
Metallic Luster Dark Steel – 0026
Transparent Luster Cocoa 3607 Hex
Color-lined Shimmer Lavender 3564 Hex

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 2, 2013.

6 Responses to “And The Colors Are…”

  1. So Pretty!! Love the colors & design you are very talented!


  2. Wow; thanks!!!!! Can’t wait to see how many of these i already have. I love your color palettes!


  3. Ridiculously beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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