Do You Teach?

SeaDragonWristWrap_Pattern_EtsyI’m often asked if I teach and the answer is a resounding “No”. Standing in front of an audience causes my brain to freeze up and words escape me.  I’m the consummate introvert – totally contented to be in my studio with just the company of my cat. Comfortable in my own skin, I’m most at ease when working solo, much like a hermit crab within the safety of its shell.   Rather than teach, I much prefer to write tutorials.  I enjoy writing immensely and am accomplished in that arena.  I can take time composing what it is I wish to convey and my thoughts and ideas are far more fluid when pen is put to paper, or in this digital age, fingers to keyboard!  You’ll find my preferred form of teaching (designer patterns, kits, and component)s in my Etsy shop.  My latest tutorial and beading kit, the long-awaited “Sea Dragon” wrist wrap (shown above and inspired by CGB) will be available in the shop on April 1.

~ by BarbaraBriggsDesigns on March 4, 2013.

2 Responses to “Do You Teach?”

  1. very nice jewellery, how I get in Pakistan, please reply, I am interested


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